The In-Hospital Emergency Committee in Japan (IHECJ) was founded in 2017, combining the two different committees of Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (JSICM) and Japanese Society for Emergency Medicine (JSEM).

Even though the number of hospitals which has established the Rapid Response System (RRS) has been increasing, current status of responding system for in-hospital emergency in Japan needs to be improved.

The IHECJ has defined the terms on RRS in Japanese translation in 2017. We also have laid down the guideline for establishing a training course upon RRS.

One of the greatest mission for the IHECJ is the management of online registry of Rapid Response System and In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (IHCA). The registry has been held since 2010 and renewed in 2017. The two main purposes of this registry are; 1) to reduce in-hospital cardiac arrest by spreading RRS and improving the medical system, 2) to plan clinical trials to make contributions to advances in quality of medical care at the global level.

The IHECJ is also developing worldwide activities. In 2017, the 1st Japan-Korea Joint Symposium for Rapid Response System (RRS) was held and further collaborations are planning between two countries.

In this website, we are providing useful information of RRS and IHCA including the impressive instruction movie, the introductions of leading hospitals of RRS management, the training courses and the past and on-going researches.

The IHECJ will continue moving toward the goal of minimalizing the occurrence of in-hospital emergency.