Managing Deteriorating Patients 1st ed


We are indebted to our Japanese colleagues for translating the entire book so that it may reach a larger audience.

The project was supervised by:
Dr. Shigeki Fujitani
Dr. Kazuaki Atagi
Dr. Masatoshi Okumura

Specific chapters were translated by:

Dr. Masatoshi Okumura (Chapters 1,2,3)
Dr. Shinsuke Fujiwara
 (Chapters 4,5)
Dr. Hiromu Naraba (Chapters 6,7,8)
Dr. Kohei Yamada (Chapters 9,10)
Dr. Yoshihisa Fujimoto
 (Chapters 11,12)
Dr. Junichiro Iio (Chapters 13,14)
Dr. Shota Tanabe (Chapters 15,16)
Dr. Yasunobu Goto (Chapters 17,18)